The world’s first intelligent 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube 

The Super Cube i3SE can be used as a regular speed cube with especially smooth turning due to strategically well-placed magnets. In combination with its implemented Bluetooth technology, the cube becomes an ideal training cube for experienced speedcubers as well as beginners who never tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube before.


The Super Cube i3SE is equipped with a six-axis motion sensor and an intelligent recognition algorithm micro-controller that automatically tracks every rotation. Wirelessly connected to the free Super Cube app for iOS and Android via Bluetooth 4.0, every rotation is saved and displayed on the connected device. The app shows you the quickest way to solve the cube, making it possible to solve every scrambled cube in about 30 moves.


The Super Cube app comes with five different modes, from tutorials for beginners to time tracking and online leaderboards, making it possible to compete with players around the globe. Additionally, the app offers several mini games to challenge your speed, memory and reactions.


The ensure that the Super Cube i3SE sends his data to the app, the integrated battery with a battery life of up to 90 days has to be charged regularly.

Giiker Super cube


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