Every Ghostbusters fan will remember the first ghosts encountered by Egon, Ray, Winston and Peter! The iconic Slimer has gained infamy with his huge appetite, whilst the Librarian Ghost is ready to shush out any who looks to disturb her peace! Get this set of premium enamel pins and show off your love for the Ghostbusters franchise.

Official Ghostbusters product.

Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs.

Two premium quality hard enamel metal pins with a glossy finish featuring Shush and Slimer & Hot Dogs designs on a backing card.

Others available in the set: Zuul & Marshmallow Man (1.1) and Who You Gonna Call? And Characters (1.3) – collect them all!

Features plastic fastening on the back for a safe and secure fit.

Ghostbusters slime pin badge set


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